Have you tried traditional medication and found it to be ineffective? Are you a resident of Louisiana with a diagnosis that qualifies you for medical marijuana treatment? Can you provide medical documentation about your current and active diagnosis from your doctor? Then medical marijuana might just be the cure for you!

Please note that the state of Louisiana has a set of qualifications that must be met in order to be eligible for medical marijuana treatment and that all qualifying conditions may not result in a recommendation for medical marijuana.

The following conditions must be checked off on before a patient can be schedule to be seen:

  • Must be a Louisiana resident with a Louisiana issued driver’s license
  • Must NOT be on blood thinners (Therapeutic Marijuana intensifies the effects of blood thinners. Which could cause a patient to bleed out.)
  • If patient has Bi-Polar Disorder or any other psychiatric illness they will need a clearance letter from the doctor that has diagnosed them with the psychiatric illness.
  • Medical Records that show their most recent Exams, Diagnosis’, and treatments for the qualifying conditions to receive medical marijuana.